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There is an infinite variety of check styles, sizes and formats available to fit anyone's individual's needs and style. There are side tear checks, top tear checks, business sized checks, self-duplicating checks plus there are many different bank check cover styles, sizes and colors.

Along with many personal bank check designs and formats, one can also find matching address labels and contact cards. Sometimes, even matching stationery is available. Among popular themes are pets, sceneries check motifs, patriotic themes, cartoons, fine art, geometric, plain checks, watercolors, or animals and fun checks like teddy bears, games, rainbows, toys, fantasy themes, trains, planes, cars, and sports.

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End tear or side tear checks are the easiest to you checks. Because they tear out of the checkbook with little effort, they are a popular choice. The formats that side tear checks are available in are desk sets as well as wallet styles. These bank check formats come in a huge variety of designs.

The benefits of top stub checks are seen by the convenience with which you can record a transaction. It eliminates the need to turn to your check register to write up your entry for the check you are about to write. Balancing your checkbook is easier and is without duplicate copy redundancy. One can maintain a running stub balance to provide critical tax information, and other details.

Those desiring to get into business need to address their banking needs by establishing a separate account for business. It is not good to mingle transactions and doing so can present an accounting nightmare, to say nothing of IRS implications.

As a business you can use a side tear or a top stub format. The side tear format is popularly used in three-to-a-page desk sets. A wallet style is available as well.