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Side Tear Checks 120 x 60- Static Label Offer BannerArtistic's full line of designer checks are available in convenient Side Tear style. Side Tear Checks

Side Tear Checks50% off side tear personal checks when you order direct from the manufacturer  artist style designed personalized cheap side tear checks that can be ordered with matching labels, checkbook covers and banking accessories.  

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Artistic's personal check, label, & personal card selection includes many artistic designs, displaying from traditional favorites to creative visuals. All bank checks are available in One-Part and Duplicate format.

Designs available in Side Tear or 3-per-page Desk Set formats

Wallet Style Top Stub Checks

Extensive line of personal check designs, you're sure to find something to suit your tastes. Top Stub Checks

Desk Set Checks

Come 3-per page in sets of 300 and fit into a desk set binder   Desk Set Checks
Bank check categories:

American Flags, History, Scenic Scenes

Four Seasons , Floral Flowers, Majestic Clouds, Celestial Inspirations , Landscapes, Seascape Scenes, Mountains , Rainbows , Lighthouses

Cartoons, Fine Art, Geometric, Plain, Primitive Scenes, Professional, Southwest, Traditional Styles, Watercolors, Whimsical Inspirations

Fishing, Football, Golf, Baseball, Bowling, Extreme, Hockey, Snowmobiling, Water Sports, Hiking/Fitness, Hunting, Racing, Sports

Bears, Birds & Butterflies, Dolphins, Farm Animals, Ferrets, Fish, Horses, Owls, Rabbits, Reptiles, Other Water life, Whales, Wildlife, Wolves , Pets

Our Planet, Social Causes , Animal Wildlife , Human Rights, Breast Cancer Awareness, Children,  Women’s Rights , Vegan

Autos, Motorcycles, Planes, ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Boats and Ships , Trains, Trucks

Diving, Education, Food, Holidays, Military, Aircraft, Collectibles, Colleges & Universities , Music, Hobbies/Sewing, Politics, Recycled Checks, Travel , Hobbies

Law Enforcement, Medical, Office, Computers, Dental, Firefighters, Real Estate, Salon Professionals, Teachers

Family Values, Friendship, Humorous, Love, Hearts, Life is Good , Childhood Scenes , Cultures, Religious

Unique Rainbows, Satire, Teddy Bears, Toys, Retro, Fantasy, Games, TV and Movie Icons , Fairies

Military, Patriotic Checks

Pets , Cats & Kittens, Dogs & Puppies,


Personal checks come in an almost infinite variety of choices. You can mix and match various features and create your own personal check. Formats include the traditional wallet check, top stub and side tear checks as well as business sized checks, self-duplicating bank checks plus there exist many different personal check cover styles, sizes and colors.

Personal check designs and formats also feature matching address labels and contact cards. Different lettering styles are available from traditional block letters to more flowing calligraphic styles. Design categories encompass a large variety of choices. There are, cartoons, fine art, geometric, plain checks, pets, sceneries check motifs, patriotic themes, watercolors, wildlife, teddy bears, rainbows, toys, fantasy themes, trains, planes, cars, and sports.

Ordering online is completely safe since data is encrypted. Delivery is quick. The entire process of taking your order, printing and shipping is done to maximize efficiency and you’ll get you order at your doorstep in a few day.

Side tear or end tear bank checks are popular because of their ease of use. Since they tear out easier than other check formats, they are popularly used as 3-on-a-page on desk sets that are stored in a binder. All side tear checks have large categories of design choice available.

Another popular format is the top stub. With top stub formats one can simply record the transaction information on the top stub. This eliminates rifling through the checkbook for the proper location to enter check accounting information.

Starting businesses need to establish a separate banking account from their personal one. It makes for poor business practice to mingle your business with your personal account. The IRS is not happy to see that nor is your accountant.

Most businesses use a side tear format often employing a three-to-a-page desk set binder for their checkbook. Often a portable wallet style side tear check is used separately or in conjunction with the desk set.

Another increasingly popular way to distinguish your personal or business check is to upload a photo to it. Positioning the photo on the check gives it a unique profile. This can be employed for top stub checks and side tear checks as well.